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This Nature Based Solutions Toolkit was developed as part of the Build Solid Ground project by the Development Technology in the Community (DTC) Research Group at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) in association with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Ireland. These resources were developed through the network of conferences and workshops delivered under the title “Achieving Resilient Cities and Communities (ARCC). 

Its purpose is to present a methodology to enable users to analyse the vulnerability of their community to shocks and stresses. They also facilitate users to adopt Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to reduce Vulnerability, increase Diversity and increase Resilience within their community. 

It is aimed at specialist and non-specialist alike. These include professionals (engineers, planners, architects), students, teachers, community groups and development workers. 

The NBS Toolkit methodology is based on six prime infrastructure needs which any community needs to thrive. Users should work through each section to select the solution appropriate to their needs. 

A hard copy version of the NBS toolkit is available. For further Information contact:

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